About Us

With our quarter-century experience in the chemicals industry, Baypol Chemicals was established in 2016, as a result of our journey started with big dreams, hopes and plans. As we started our production in 2016 with a modest plant which has a production capacity of 360 tons yearly, our first plan was to produce terephthalic based fiberglass type and casting type polyester resin. 

The resin which we are producing proved itself about it's quality and strength in a very short period of time, by this way we started to reach our goals faster. 

Today, Baypol Polyester operates in Sakarya 2nd Organized Industrial Zone with a 2500m² indoor, and a 7500m² outdoor production area and the production capacity which was 360 tons yearly at the beginning, is now 24.000 tons yearly. As our capacity enlarged, the diversity of our products enlarged too, and the resins we produced are appreciated by various sectors. 

Baypol Chemicals is specialized in the production of customer-oriented special purpose and advanced technology polyester resins, gel coats and auxiliary chemicals.

Together with our growing staff, we always produce more productive products, which our customers can choose without hesitation and ensure absolute customer satisfaction.
In this direction, we act with the product and price policy appropriate to the wishes of our customers.

As Baypol Chemicals, we will continue to renew and develop ourselves at every moment to provide the best and quality products to all our stakeholders. We have a passion for service and are committed to knowing our customers’ business, anticipating their needs, and exceeding expectations.