Product Name Product Type Chemical Structure Color Viscosity Packing
BST-100 BAYPOL SMC/BMC TİPİ POLYESTER SMC/BMC Type Hot Press Orthophthalic  Clear High 18 KG- 230 KG- 1000 KG
BST-101 BAYPOL SMC/BMC TİPİ POLYESTER SMC/BMC Type Hot Press Terephthalic Opal High 18 KG- 230 KG- 1000 KG

SMC ( sheet molding compound ) is a production method, fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, used to produce lightweight but strong mechanically, which allows to produce smooth surface, non-corrosive and long life products. The process of SMC production is generally done by compression or injection molding. 

BMC ( Bulk molding compound ) is a combination of polyester resin, short chopped fiberglass, mineral fillers, pigments and some other kinds of additives, all these materials are mixed up and transformed into a dough shape. Depending on the chemical structure of the raw materials in its composition, BMCs that are chemically resistant and imparted different properties could be produced. 

Baypol BST-101 series are especially designed and developed for SMC and BMC production processes.It can be used in all types of plate and ready-made molding applications where high temperature, chemical and mechanical strength is required. A very smooth surface, non wave and shiny parts could be produced with Baypol BST-101 series. Automotive, truck and bus parts, manhole covers, electrical and natural gas boxes, lighting equipment, facade coverings are the main uses of the product.







Little green

Acid Value

14-20 mg KOH/gr




570 cp

Jel time


Monomer Rate


Peak T

135 C


 Viscosity is measured at 25 C, 50 rpm with spinle 3


Jel time is measured at 23 C with 100 liquid polyester resin 0,1 gr % cobalt and 1 gr MEK-P


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